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Editorial: WHAT IF IT´S TRUE??

I hang on every word, there was no other way – the books of Zecharia Sitchin are of that type, I read them in one breath. After a while I wasn´t if I mind that what I read is written in such a bewitching way that it isn´t even trying to look like a hypothesis. It was the most fantastic story of all the real stories lying in front of me – THE STORY OF THE EARTH!

I have a relatively viable evolution hypothesis, probably like everybody else has. But the obvious persuasion of a story written partly in a poetic way was getting me more and more. Gradually I realized the paradox woven into the text with the golden thread. Legends are presented to us as some fantasy stories in which we can sometimes find a little bit of truth that was lost under a strong layer of generations of narrators and their exaggeration. However, Sitchin sometimes expresses the truth supported by research with the language of legends – this way he adds elegance to the text, so it can´t insult any scientist and at the same time ordinary mortal won´t fall asleep of boredom.

I wouldn´t thought in my life, that the history of Mesopotamia could be such a fascinating reading.

Sitchin is a scientist gifted with extraordinary ability to write in a gripping way and he is also educated in languages of cultures extinct long ago. That´s why he knows what he´s writing about! Except his standard education, all of his life he´s been studying original texts and he has the courage to publish books which describe fortunes of Gods with skillfulness, like they were REAL STORIES!

Yes, we all know Greek myths and legends about Gods and their influence on people’s fate. Usually they are considered as typical fairytales, while “it´s obvious, that Gods are sometimes abundant in human manners too much.” – After all, these stories were written by humans! But Sitchin puts all this into another level, because “EVERYTHING HE WRITES ABOUT IS TRUE!”

One thing is for sure – if we accept this as a hypothesis that we´re able to believe in for a while, we will enjoy the reading much more.

Moreover, we will be taken aback by these “human manners” of Gods with their extraordinary skills and with every line we can be more sure that these superhuman abilities are “only” better developed technologies. And it´s not hard to imagine how would people act if we could control them. Take a look around and see what we´re able to do now even though we´re so little “hi-tech” in comparison with ethic and kind-heartedness...

Let´s immerse into strongly emotional world of Gods, which is also full of family arguments and where interest of power with intense tendencies lead the reader slowly but surely in the state of alliance full of emotions or even to reconciliation. Sometimes very touching passages are being mixed with oversensitive ones. I mean mainly those, which are related to our origin:
Many questions which have one single answer: – ›› ANUNNAKI!
Since the Heinrich Schliemann´s discovery of Troy (he found it literally with Homer´s Iliad in hands), a loud laughter hasn´t been heard in academic spheres compared to the times when the enthusiasts tried to find historical places on the basis of stories and legends. Many discoveries prove that written sources which aren´t considered as trustworthy, are breathtakingly accurate. Sitchin studied Mesopotamia in detail and those reflections he came up with, he put into completely new context. There they create a picture not only of the area of Euphrates and Tigris, but also of the Earth and ourselves as such.

Have you ever had the insane thought that each and every legend and representation of half-humans – half-animals could be describing real events? It is possible that all of these ambiguities (stubbornly mended and even more stubbornly overlooked and ignored) – holes in ›› Darwin´s evolution of human – can be explained with one compact theory? Quick development of civilizations, their “emerging with no history” in enormous maturity, when all the others were only a weak reflection of the previous ones – up to the jump to the next cycle – ›› NIBIRU!

The tenth or twelfth planet (whether we take into account the Sun and the Moon), the home of the Anunnaki, with a period of circulation of 3600 years. Isn´t it weird that these time data are suspiciously identical with cultures´ rises? Of course, the effort to explain all the development on the Earth in one theory is very tempting and Zecharia Sitchin doesn´t leave anybody in doubt that it is exactly the Twelfth planet and its inhabitants, who interfere into the actions on Earth and determine its heading – they are our real Gods! Sitchin consecutively deals with other great cultures and puts them into the context of his own theory. Especially shocking are passages describing associations of Mayan and Egyptian Gods. Yes, your guesses are right – Sitchin claims that these are the same beings, the Anunnaki, known in various cultures under various names.

We cannot overlook the similarity of architecture and the concept of big ancient structures – their accurate arrangement on the ›› energetic grid of Earth has already become the reason for many reflections. Sitchin comes with the theory of planetary network of ancient “centers of cosmic flights”, which were emerging near deposits full of GOLD!

No, their appetite wasn´t in style of greedy conquistadors – I will try to summarize it in few words:

One day on Nibiru they will get to a point, when their civilisation will be threatened by radiation, which will be caused by the terrible state of the atmosphere. The only hope are the particles of gold, which are spread in the air and they will help the Anunnaki to survive. The Earth is a very rich and inhabitable source so at the point when the Nibiru will be close, they will send a research team and these will establish bases. At the beginning they will mine alone, but the work is so slavish that they will decide to use local anthropoids. With genetic intervention when they provide them their DNA, they will create sufficiently intelligent workers, who will continue in their work. Gradually they tune them – not everything is succesful, also weird hybrids were created, but at last “first humans” arise who are able to create civilization, so then they establish big cities, of course with great support of “Gods”. That´s a bit too much, right?

I admit, there are only a few books that I enjoyed more than Sitchin´s – one who has read it knows what I´m talking about. I won´t analyze it in detail but I recommend you to read the original and you will go through your own path of discovering the dawn of the humans. If we admit that “all of that is true”, it is probably one of the most serious discoveries of humans – the discovery of our “Creators”! I don´t want to think in detail, which areas of life would be critically hit by this and what would be the consequences.

There are also certain objections caused by facts which would fill another whole Editorial, I'll be back soon. Apropos – supposedly the time of the next Nibiru flight through the solar system is inevitably coming...

editor in chief

Translation: Lucia Urbanová
Correction: Deckard

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