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Hubble Space Telescope (HD)

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Hubbleův teleskop a naše místo ve vesmíru

december 25, 2012 23:37 popoludní
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  1. Obrázok používateľa Anonym
    Anonymdecember 26, 2012 02:46 dopoludnia


    Well,I have to tell you all,that I have the HONOUR to know personaly the person,whom is behind whole project - Hubble Telescope...
    I know this man,hi was director of this project and I'm so proud to know him personaly ( and I work for him now ...) and I'm proud too, for what hi did with his team for all of us...It was a hard work!!
    They did a wonderful thing for all of us,now we can see the universe,like never before...!!! Isn't it incredible!!!
    You gys don't understand what a pleasure and honour it is to be with this man and talk to him about anything...I really appreciate it and I'm so proud of it!!! Hi is such a nice man and person...
    The whole project is very godd,very intersting,fascinating and usefull and we all can learn a lot from that and see the beauty of universe like never before...
    PLEASE ,give big Thanks to all people whom is behind this project,...they deserve it!
    I just want to say THANKS for the destiny and that I had chance to meet this man,...not everbody does have that oportunity!!...And I cherish it very much!
    Thanks Mr. John!!!